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The complete guide to buying diamond jewelry online

It is no secret that the diamond industry has undergone and is still undergoing changes. One of the major changes the industry has undergone in the recent years is the move to the online world. A few years ago buying a diamond online would have sounded like a crazy idea, although in 2020 diamonds and jewelry became mandatory products for the majority of the population - so why not order them online? In this article we will go from A to Z on everything you need to know when buying diamond jewelry online, answer the questions that our experts are asked most often and give you some useful tips that will ensure that your purchase will be successful!

Buying online brings with it many significant advantages - the prices are cheaper, the selection is usually wider, there is no need for a reckless decision under the pressure of visiting times and the delivery arrives with a courier right to your doorstep. Of course all the benefits come when you buy from a reputable business that will sell you the same piece of jewelry you would buy if you would physically come to the store. Tip: Before buying, read about the site from which you plan to buy. Reading about it should give you a good idea of ​​who you are facing and whether you feel ready to trust that business / person. Our recommendation is to check whether the owners of the company are members of the Iocal Diamond Exchange. The Diamond Exchange is the source of all diamonds in the country, so buying from a company that is traded on the stock exchange will save you the brokerage gaps, will significantly reduce the cost and ensure you confidence in the purchase.

With the many benefits that the transition to online brings with it come a lot of questions and concerns on the part of consumers. We have collected for you here the most common questions about jewelry online:

  • How do you know the diamond they sold me was not counterfeit?
  • What happens if the shipment is lost in the mail?
  • What happens if the size ordered is incorrect?
  • How do you know if the site I am buying from is secure?
  • What if she/he does not like the ring I bought her/him?

Well all the questions have answers!

  • How do you know the diamond they sold me was not counterfeit?
  • In the diamond industry around the world, every diamond over 30 points has an "ID card" - a document that contains all the details about the diamond you have just purchased (size, color, clearity…). The world-renowned institutes that issue certificates are: GIA, IGI and HRD. Tip: If you are worried that you were sold a fake diamond or that the certificate is fake, ask the diamond dealer to show you that the engraving number on the diamond belt (the roundest) is the same as the certificate issued by the Gemological Institute

  • What happens if the shipment is lost in the mail?
  • One of the most recurring questions. The fear that such a thing will happen is understandable, but even in this case the solution will reassure you - every self-respecting website / business has a policy related to losses and returns, go in and read it so that you will not be surprised. In the diamond industry, the company's owners are expected to use professional and reliable shipping companies such as: FedEx, DHL and Brinks to deliver valuable items safely. Tip:In the diamond industry Returns policy is a must! So check to see if there is one. If you do not see one - see you have been warned. Some sites will even let you choose the package forwarder according to your experience with the various companies.

  • What happens if the sizs ordered is not good?
  • You have no idea what the size of your loved one's ring is? Have you consulted with best friends and each one said something different? Do not worry!

    In any self-respecting diamond business size corrections are free. Yes, completely free!

    Tip: Read our article to help you choose a ring size perfectly! To read, click here. If in spite of everything a mistake has been made, some businesses will want you to keep the receipts / boxes you received the ring with.

  • How do I know if the site I am buying from is secure?
  • We all know the fear of inserting a credit card number into a site we do not know. To know if the site you are on is safe you should go to the bottom of the site where you will usually find icons of the credit card companies that respect the business from which you are about to buy (American Express, Visa, MasterCard…) Tip: If you still feel unsure to buy through the site you can call to the company office and ask to pay by phone credit or through secure 

    payment through PayPal.


  • What if she does not like the ring I bought her?
  • It is probably one of the most important days of her life, a day that will be etched in her memory for the rest of her life - the day you proposed to her. You kneel and pull out a ring, everyone is happy, she and her mother start crying, clapping, then she looks at the ring and gets nauseous. She's a yellow gold woman and you bought her white gold! What now ?

    Well, we're here to reassure you, you are not alone, this is the biggest fear of any man who is about to propose marriage to his heart choice. And yet there are ways to know how to know exactly what it tastes like - first and foremost you need to know what color it is wearing: yellow gold? White gold ? Maybe Rose Gold? One look at her jewelry cabinet will give you the desired answer. If you are still confused and do not understand what you saw there, ask a friend or relative about the color she usually wears. After you know the color she is wearing, come to the hardest part - the style. Every girl has a different style when it comes to jewelry. Some love delicate, some will always prefer classic. Our tip that it comes down to style is to go to a meeting with a diamond escort accompanied by a friend or relative for another opinion from someone who understands a little more than you. You bought the ring, proposed, and she still does not like the style. What now ? With H.S. Diamonds improve / change the ring according to her wishes without taking a return fee. You only pay for the addition or upgrade it changes from year to year! The main thing is that you both be happy, good luck!

    In conclusion, the transition of the diamond industry to the online world has brought with it many benefits and more questions. In such a complicated industry, full of parameters and competitors, the most important thing is the credibility of the person from whom you chose to buy the jewelry. Remember - professionals will always do their best to maintain their reputation , so you know who you are dealing with.