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About us

H.S. Diamonds Ltd. was established in 1976 as a family owned and run diamond and jewelry company by Herzel Siton who started out as a diamond factory worker over 50 years ago, working his way up to become an independent diamond manufacturer and eventually appointed to the Board of Directors of the Israel Diamond Exchange. Our team is made up of first, second and third generation members of the Israel Diamond Exchange, continuing the legacy of our father and grandparents. H.S. Diamonds has grown over the years, achieving a reputation for integrity, honesty and quality in diamond communities around the world. Our name precedes us for high-quality natural diamonds and diamond jewelry at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Reliability. Expertise. Service.

The diamond industry has always been one built on trust, reliability and the personal relationship earned between a manufacturer and itsclients. We deal in 100% natural certified diamonds and conduct all relationships with full transparency. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with personal attention and devoting the time necessaryin order to give all the information needed to ensure our clients make smart and educated investments in diamonds and jewelry. We are members of the Israel Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv and as such are committed to implementing fair trade and conduct byadhering to the most stringent of industry standards and laws to protect all parties involved including our clients and associates.

When you purchase diamonds and jewelry direct from the manufacturer, you can be sure you are getting the best price in the market. This is because there is no need for all the middlemen that are usually involved by the time an item sells for retail in a store. Things like brokerage fees and overhead expenses of a physical store become net savings to the customer. That is why we guarantee our customers diamonds and jewelry at the most attractive priceswithout compromising on quality. Every item we offer comes with a gemological certificate and a full warranty.


At H.S. Diamonds, our customers are promised wholesale prices, professional service and quality diamonds and jewelry, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.