About Us – H.S. Diamonds

"An artistic eye is the soul of what they do; what they produce is so special that it cannot be taught."

-Artful Living Magazine, The Polishing Touch
In 1960, H.S. Diamonds got its start when company founder Herzl Siton took a factory job as a diamond polisher at age 15. Spending the next 15 years as an ambitious young man perfecting his craft, by 1975 Herzl had established himself in the Israel diamond industry as a respected expert diamond cutter. In what would prove to be the best decision of his career, Herzl took a leap the following year in 1976 and established H.S. Diamonds Ltd. as his own diamond manufacturing company.

Over the next two decades, Herzl set out to build his business and began to travel around the world to visit members of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. Gaining certificates of excellence in diamond cutting, polishing, and Israeli diamond law along the way, H.S. Diamonds quickly began to achieve a reputation for integrity, honesty and quality in diamond communities around the world.

By 1994, H.S. Diamonds had grown so much that Herzl recruited his two sons Guy and Nir Siton to help him manage the company. Transforming into a family business over the next few years, with the help of his sons, Herzl shifted the focus of H.S.
Diamonds to diamond trading instead of manufacturing where the company began to grow explosively.

With his sons by his side, in 2015, Herzl took another leap in his career and decided to run for the Israel Diamond Exchange Board of Directors. After a successful campaign, Herzl began what would be his first term on the executive board of the Israel Diamond Exchange where he would become a well loved and valuable member of Israel’s diamond trade.

After an incredibly successful career, Herzl passed away in 2019 leaving behind the H.S. Diamonds legacy. Today, H.S. Diamonds continues to uphold our reputation as a high-quality natural diamond jewelry company recognized worldwide for providing natural diamonds and jewelry pieces at honest wholesale prices. A true family business continuing as Herzl had hoped, the company’s executive team is today made up of first, second, and third generation members of Herzl’s family with the newest member being Herzl’s grandson Tal joining the company in 2020.